Thursday, January 24th
1pm to 7pm

Christina Davison

Going to extremes -
Join Christina in this hands-on workshop where we will learn how to modify designs to best fit the gig. 
Exploring designs from one extreme to the other, from realistic and detailed, to the simple and fastest versions.  We can do this with characters, heroes, animals, etc. We will take any design and make it spectacular, and also  simplify and modify to make it much quicker, but still readily identifiable. I will be showing some examples, and also taking requests.

This class will help artists make the best use of work time by equipping them with the tools to speed up or slow down, adding or subtracting details as necessary. Almost every face painting design has multiple possible versions, and together we will explore those possibilities. 

This class is good for artists of all skill levels who want to improve their speed to get through long lines, AND to impress individual clients with detailed and/or realistic designs. 

Christina will be using these supplies in this class:

•Face paint brushes: #4 round, 1/4" filbert, 3/4 - 1" flat brush

•Foam face painting sponges (cut in half) Christina uses pink sponges by Always Wicked Art (Australia)

•Practice head, practice pad, arms, legs, or a neighbor's face. 

•Christina uses a variety of makeup brands: Snazaroo, Paradise, Global and Wolfe are favorites.



Monique Lily

Mystics Lines
This is going to be so much fun! We are going to change the basic designs into something special!
In this class I am going to show you ‘all’ my  basic designs like we all have them on our menu. Butterfly, Frozen, batman, sugarskulls, skulls, snakes and more….  Then we are going to change them with my mystic lines! And it is going to have a totally different look!
Also… These mystic lines are great to use for an eye design, arm or leg design… Teenagers and adults LOVE it! Its fast and different!

If you want something different with your basis designs….. replace your lines with Mystic lines… they’re beautiful, fun and mystical…. 


Christopher Barnes

Be More Funny Live!
Right on the heels of the release of his new book Be More Funny!, in this brand new workshop, Christopher shares every step he takes in building a comedy routine for his audiences. Along the way, he demonstrates with easy to follow principles the clear differences in building laughs for children versus adults. To begin, he pinpoints the four major questions any magician should ask when approaching a trick to build a new comedy routine. With each question, he shares tons of practical examples, each of which is the beginning of a potential hilarious comedy magic routine.
After building a strong foundation of a humorous trick, Christopher tackles the next step of adding comedy dialogue to the routine. He'll explain some easy techniques for finding, adapting, writing, and adding jokes to a routine. He also examines why he adds verbal jokes to his kid show routines and his method for receiving much stronger laughs from children than with those jokes. 
Finally Christopher lists some simple additions you can make to your routines, character, and shows to create an overall stronger and more enjoyable performance for all audiences. By the end of Be More Funny Live!, you will have a multitude of straightforward and effective tools to build your own original comedy magic routines, guaranteed to make audiences of all ages laugh out loud!

All participants in the workshop will receive a free copy of Christopher’s book Start to Finish: A Comprehensive Guide for Building Kid Show Routines from Purchase to Performance. The 115-page book is not available through dealers; Christopher only provides it to attendees of his live workshops.


Juan Gonzales

Downloads in Person!

This class is a chance for people to learn the downloads that I have plus I’ll give tips and shortcuts to make the designs faster. I will also include exclusive time to sharpie art. We will finish up with some new designs and talk about inspiration(s). I will also be giving out some of my prints!


Monday, January 28th
9am to 3pm

Shawna Del Real

Sugar Skulls-

Join Shawna in this new workshop where she will teach you a variety of quick masculine and feminine Sugar Skull designs that will help you whip through those face painting lines at festivals and parties. This class will focus on highlights, shadows, proportions, flow, blending and line work. This is a hands-on workshop so be ready to paint!

*This class is great for artists of ALL skill levels wanting to improve their application skills from kids face painting to beauty photoshoots.
 You will leave this class feeling confident and inspired in your new found techniques and ready to create beautiful Sugar Skull designs for any type of client request including Private appointments, Festivals and Parties.

The following are products Shawna will be using. They are not mandatory but, will make learning Shawna’s techniques much easier.

•Face paint brushes: #1, #3, #6 rounds

#10 or #12 filberts
Petal brush by Cameleon
Small blending brush by Cameleon 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch flats

•Foam face painting sponges (cut in half) We will be painting with one sponge per color. Yellow Hydra Sponges from Mehron. Jest paint or Wolfe are recommended. •12-14 color palette (any brand is fine however, Shawna prefers Kryolan and Cameleon)

•Practice Head or Training Board, You may be asked to paint your own face or arm.

-  Assorted Makeup brushes for powder products such as highly pigmented


- Disposable Smoothie blenders 
- Domed Kabuki brush 
- Neutral matte eye/cheek palette and shimmer eye shadow palette 
- Split cakes

* No Rainbow cakes will be used


Corinne Sparkles Smith

Balloon and Business

If you like to have Fun while learning, I suggest signing up for this hands on Balloon and Business Workshop! Not only will you learn new balloon designs and techniques, but you will learn how to enhance the most basic designs which will set you apart from other twisters! We’ll touch a bit on easy marker art and I will also share some great business and marketing bits that has successfully worked for me! - Oh! Did I mention… Giveaways!???


Corey Morgan


In this Hands-On workshop, Corey Morgan will go over not just the most popular superhero designs that are currently being requested, but more importantly, the techniques you need in order to paint them.  Corey will help you take your Superhero painting game to the next level with personal training on; easy and fast designs; shading and highlighting effects that will set your designs apart; using stencils with paints and powders; Different and innovative variations of the same old designs that make the new again; And MUCH more.  With Corey’s Superhero Boot Camp Workshop, he’ll show you that the most powerful Superhero around, is the one holding the paint brush!






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