All Workshops are on Sunday, Feb 4th from 8pm to 12 midnight

In this workshop, we will be painting a cyborg, featuring its many robotic parts and mechanisms. We will map out the design using the human anatomy as our guide. We will then shade and highlight the design to give it depth, along with adding metallic reflections and more. We will be painting on the neck, shoulders, arms, upper chest and the lower face (chin and jaw). This is a design you will follow step-by-step. This workshop is a combination of hand paint and airbrush. We will hand paint 90% of the design and then tweak with the airbrush towards the end of class to give those final cybernetic touches. 

Pashur Workshop: Cyborgs | ChildTime Magic

Balloons with the Terrific Triad!

Join Anthony Lena, Joe Mock, and Billy Damon for a one-of-a-kind learning experience! 

*For this Master class Billy will be teaching “Creating the moment” as well as a Peg leg Pirate, and the one and only… Elvis!

The first will be an amazing dragon! This dragon is a good balance between detail and time needed to create it. I usually make this dragon at birthdays, and it’s one of those sculptures that once one person sees it, they want it too! Just a testament to the impact of this piece!

Next, you will learn how to make an EPIC sword using the versatile V-8 weave!! We all make swords, but you should have one sword design that makes all other swords pop in fear!

*Joe will be teaching future nostalgia?!? You have to attend to see what this is about!Anthony also shares his thoughts on why this class will be worth your time: “I can’t wait to teach a class with Joe Mock and Billy Damon, two incredibly talented artists and entertainers. Joe, Billy, and myself know you paid extra for this class and we are making it extra amazing! If you are serious in taking your balloon business, your balloon skills, and yourself to greater heights… you MUST attend this class! Between the 3 of us we have over 80 years of experience with Balloon Art! By the end of this class I am certain you will have learned something new and exciting! If I wasn’t an instructor for this class, I would be attending myself! I can’t wait to see you there!”

Balloons with the Terrific Triad! | ChildTime Magic

Shannon Holt

Festival Style Tops

Learn how I body paint TOPS for all at the largest parties in America! Find out how fun and easy it is to please people with these designs that you can adapt for fund raisers and adult parties. Your clients and models will feel empowered and gorgeous, boasting about your artistic skills, even if you’ve never body painted before! 

✔️client confidence and care 

✔️fashion design 

✔️matching fast beauty makeup 

✔️crowd pleasing colors 

✔️incorporating metallics and waterproof 

✔️business tricks and tips 

✔️Q and A: Fantasy Fest,/Mardi Gras, Bike Rallies/ Pride and more!

Shannon Holt Workshop: Festival Style Tops Workshop | ChildTime Magic

Puppet Workshop with Gene Cordova and Tommy Johns

Give Your Show a Helping HAND! What do well known magicians David Ginn, Dave Risley, Tim Sonefelt, Trixie Bond, Christopher T. Magician, Ken Scott and even Barry Mitchell have in common? They are all magicians who have added puppets to their shows, and the puppets have become almost as famous as their humans! If you have thought about adding a puppet to your show, but weren’t sure where to start, this workshop is for YOU! From inexpensive non-speaking glove puppets to big amazing full body characters, puppets add a lot of fun, comedy and magic to your show. Instructors Gene Cordova and Tommy Johns have a combined 80 years of award-winning experience entertaining kids and family audiences all over the world! They will cover how to get started, how to manipulate a variety of puppets, tips for making your new cast member come alive and more. Tommy and his best bud Roosevelt Rat will talk about how to turn a $25 glove puppet into the star of your show. He will also discuss branding, puppet personality, and magic tricks your puppet can do. Gene will teach puppet manipulation, how to find your puppet voice and the basics of ventriloquism, Join us for this amazing and fun post convention workshop! Questions? Just ask!

Puppet Workshop with Gene Cordova and Tommy Johns | ChildTime Magic