1-7 pm Pre-Kidvention Workshops: $100 each/6 hour workshop

Pashur- Zombies

Zombies are on demand all year long. In this hands-on workshop, Pashur will show you how to create several money making zombies using face paint and gore fx products that are used in theater and film. There will be fun zombies and gruesome zombies too, great for parties, zombie crawls, movies and simply scaring kids down the street. Demos Include: Fast Zombie, Ghost Zombie, Eerie Zombie, Toxic Zombie, Virus Zombie, Cute Cartoon Zombie and much more! There will also be numerous Gore FX tips and tricks... fake blood techniques, bruises, bites, veins, scratches, fake wounds and more!This class is going to be super fun and super informative! No prosthetics will be used. 


Heather Green- Birthday Boost!

Join Heather for an awesome workshop where she will help you maximize private clients by:

-Adding a colorful spin to the most requested designs

-Improving your Arty and Rainbow cake techniques

-Improving your marketing message

- Helping you garner residual business

- and have fun in the process! 

This is a great workshop for any and every level artist, and for those that want to give their business the boost it's asking for.


Shawna Del Real- Sugar Skulls

Join Shawna in this new workshop where she will teach you a variety of quick masculine and feminine Sugar Skull designs that will help you whip through those face painting lines at festivals and parties. This class will focus on highlights, shadows, proportions, flow, blending and line work. This is a hands-on workshop so be ready to paint!

*This class is great for artists of ALL skill levels wanting to improve their application skills from kids face painting to beauty photoshoots.

 You will leave this class feeling confident and inspired in your new found techniques and ready to create beautiful Sugar Skull designs for any type of client request including Private appointments, Festivals and Parties.


Bianca Hannah- One Stoke Floral

We will be doing one stroke technique designs, where you will learn how to do Calla lilies and how to create beautiful floral designs.. I will show you how to easily achieve depths and 3D effects and what to know about realistic painting. 

I'll also share tips and designs to be really fast on the job, including boy designs. 

As a bonus theme I'll  teach you how to do one stroke designs with waterproof  paints and show you how to work with these paints. 

The class will loaded with lots if information and I'm looking forward to seeing you there. (Bring extra time)


Louis Meyer- The Resilience Advantage

Resilience skills for clear choices, optimal function and innovative action.

Is your life battery running on empty?

What would your life be like if …

• you had more energy throughout the day?

• you intuitively knew how to respond to  change and challenge?

• when out of sync, you could reset yourself just like you reset your computer?

 • your communications were clear, rich and fulfilling?


• Increased situational awareness in relationships, meetings and projects

• Enhanced ability to focus, process information and solve problems

• Heightened creativity and innovation

• Increased ability to handle challenging clients and situations

• Increased access to intuition for fast, effective decision-making on complex issues

• Increased regenerative sleep

• Increased vitality and resilience

• Reduced stress, worry and fatigue




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