Pre-Conference Workshops: $125 each
Thursday, February 15th, 1pm to 7pm
Only 15 seats per class

Post-Conference Workshops: $125 each
Monday, February 19th, 9am to 3pm
Only 15 seats per class


Pre-Conference Workshops: $125 each

Heather Green- Social Savvy

2 Billion people log into social media every day. Too often we underestimate the power of the internet. Let Heather show you how to maximize your time, online presence and become a MONEY magnet! Join Heather for a one of a kind business boost. In this workshop you will:

  • Set Up your social media organizer
  • Create a plan of action to create results
  • Update your business look
  • establish a marketing strategy
  • learn how to measure your results
  • Learn the differences between search engine optimization and organic results
  • Increase your online presence and BOOK more gigs!
  • Space is limited reserve your spot today!

    Gary Ledbetter- Balloon Decor Workshop

    Special effects or Balloons with a bang. In this class Gary will teach you several special effects that he has used around the world. Many require no special gadgets and he will teach you how to make many. Want to make your balloons move? Want to add lights to your balloons? Want to make them go WOW then this class is for you. In the class we will build and explode a giant balloon wall !! Come be part of the fun and bring your balloons into the 21st century.

    Dutch Bihary- Zombies, Zombies, Zombies

    The title really says it all. (Well, we may throw in a psycho clown for fun!) From dusty old cryptic ground breakers, to the freshly turned irradiated rage zombies, we'll cover many styles with tips, tricks, and clever shortcuts. Even if zombies aren't your thing, the skill sets covered in this class are applicable to many other visual concepts!

    Cameron Garrett- Wonderful One-Stroke

    Spend a day improving your one stroke techniques! In this class, Cameron will teach a variety of the most popular face painting designs that can be easily recreated on the job! Learn to layer one strokes, sponge perfect bases with rainbow cakes and add gorgeous, eye-catching bling to your designs. You will learn tips to make a lasting impact with your clients so they will hire you time and time again! Get your brushes, glitter, stencils, and rainbows, and get ready to WOW the crowd!


    Brian Getz- How to Make a Super-Sculpture

    This workshop level class really gets into how to create super-sculptures.
    We’ll spend the first part learning the basic weaves, then learn how to sculpt with Link-o-loons and
    put the things we’ve learned into practice by actually making a large-scale sculpture right there in the classroom.


    Shonna Flanigan and Lindsey
    "Pookie" Foster- Workshop Info Coming

    Join Lindsey "Pookie" Foster and Simply Shonna Flanigan for an awesome class on amazing balloon creations!!! Simply Shonna will teach you Specialty Shapes-Beyond the basics. She will show you how to make some incredible creations that are relatively quick and easy. These designs are ones that Shonna has not shown at other conventions and include barnyard critters, exotic animals, modes of transportation and more! Lindsey "Pookie" will then show you how to draw amazing faces on your balloons to help bring your sculptures to life. This hands on class will be jam packed with adorable, useable designs taught by both Shonna and Lindsey. You will also learn how to take your creations and turn them into amazing centerpieces/delivery pieces for more income! You will also learn how to make "gifting columns," a great display of pre-made balloons that you can sell to clients, even when you're not available to work at their event! Balloons will be provided in class, including a bag of bearhead balloons to use at home. You will also receive Shonna's video tutorial on her bearhead designs and a video tutorial by Lindsey on how to add "Purty Faces" to your balloons with markers.


    Post-Conference Workshops: $125 each

    Bill Abbott- Family Show Know How

    How to get attention, hold attention and keep everyone entertained when performing for a mixed ages audience. All of Bill Abbott's tricks, tips and secrets on this lucrative but sometimes challenging field. Commercial magic, unique audience interaction and how to structure a show for maximum impact and to gain bankable repeat work. Over 30 years experience and over 5000 shows - gives you a workshop like no other.


    Mark Reid- Tigers, Boys, and Sugar Skulls

    2 hours of each and your creativity is at a new level! Learn design and use of color for intense creations as well as the latest boy designs.
    Basic kit
    Practice head or sheets
    Each student recieves a #2L Mark Reid Signature brush and a Glittermark.


    Holly George- Practically Twisted

    Spring is nearly here and that means business will soon start picking up again for most entertainers! Be ready for the rush with some fresh new business tips and tricks from Holly the Twister Sister! Holly is known for her practical and usable everyday balloon designs that are also cute and pack a lot of WOW factor! Come prepared to take notes and get twisted as we cover some of Holly’s favorite business and marketing tips and learn brand new designs that are sure to delight both your new and repeat customers. If you are looking to start a balloon twisting business or want to improve your current business with practical, usable tips that you can start implementing right away, this is the class for you!
    Come and learn:
    The best tools right now for marketing your business
    Booking management tools that make life easier
    When and how to expand your business beyond yourself
    How to create high perceived value for pennies!
    Effective line management techniques
    Holly’s favorite new balloon designs
    PLUS each attendee will leave with their very own balloon twisting menu board and digital copies of Holly’s entire library of clip art files – a $250 value!
    Space is limited so register today!


    Eric Henning- Demystifying Money™

    If you're like most people, money is always on your mind, and may be your single biggest source of stress. It can be intimidating, even mysterious. It can feel overwhelming. That's about to change. In his 25-year financial career, Eric Henning became an internationally recognized expert on small business development, and taught thousands, from homeless moms to Ph.D. economists, about personal finance in plain English, with a sense of humor.

    Let Eric show you how to finally set up your finances, so that managing your money becomes as easy as doing the laundry. Join Eric for this one-time-only version of his "Financial Wizard"™ workshop tailored for the unique issues faced by family entertainers.

    In this workshop you will learn how to:

    • Stop living from gig to gig
    • Reduce your taxes
    • Get your bills to pay you
    • Fund your long-term dreams
    • Avoid disaster when you
    can't work
    • Make smarter spending
    • Plan for when you want to quit working
    And most of all,
    • Stop worrying about money!
    Space is limited, so reserve your spot today


    Dutch Bihary- Metal Mayhem

    Iron & Crome, rivets & rust! One of Dutch's favorite thematic concepts to teach and to paint. Learn armor, robotics, gears, biomechanical, distressing, and most important, effective trompe l'oeil! This class is full of techniques to creating a multitude of fantastic metal illusions on the face, hands and arms!






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